Project Description

Fort San Sebastian


ort San Sebastian has been majestically described by some as a smaller duplicate of St. George’s Castle , also Fort Sabastian received a posthumous mention in Di Castaldi’s Venetian map of 1564. By the time the Dutch took over the fort back in 1638, San Sebastian was a ruin.

Massive Dutch renovation works in between 1640 and 1643 quite substantially expanded on the initial structural form. Later on, Dutch West Indian records reveal some trade in gold and even slaves at the fort, but by 1705, the Dutch West India Company’s official opinion was that although the fort served as a source of fuel wood and water, there was no trade activity. Fort San Sebastian was ceded to the British in 1872.

Rehabilitated in 1957, the fort is presently used as a post office and magistrate’s court. It also serves as offices for the Electoral Commission.

The fort’s opening hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm.