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Takoradi City Centre


akoradi city centre and port is a 30 minutes taxi drive where you can visit the colourful circular market, buy souvenirs along harbour road, hire a sailing boat or catch a 35 minute flight to the capital city of Accra.

Shopping in Takoradi A sister city of Boston, Takoradi is the fourth largest city in the Ghana and one of the largest industrial centres in the country. Takoradi shopping can offer a visitor authentic Ghanaian items.

Ghana offers many exquisite choices for memorable shopping. The local artisans hand make clothing, jewellery, statues and other items. A shopper can have a traditional bazaar experience in one of Takoradi’s many marketplaces.

Takoradi Market

Takoradi Market is located in the business circle of Takoradi and is one of the largest open and oldest markets in the city. For visitors to this city, Takoraki Market is a must. Rated as one of the biggest attractions in Ghana, tourist scan arrange for tour guide to led them down Liberation Road through the marketplace.

This bazaar is a collection of small outdoor shops for anyone interested in haggling. Rated as an amazing visual experience a visitor can find anything from cuisine to electronics to local fashion. Business hours for area are 8:00 to 4:00 during the weekdays with limited hours on Saturday.

The market is closed on Sundays. Artisan’s Centre Artisan’s Centre is another stop highly rated by the Ghana Tourism Board. People who are interested in authentic Ghanaian treasures can find them in this small corner. This market place works with a training centre to provide an outlet for the artisan’s work. Travellers can find unique souvenirs to bring back home. The market is also accessible to other smaller shops in the immediate area.

A quick conversation with a local citizen can direct the shopper to other bazaars in safe areas. Business hours for area are 8:00 to 4:00 during the weekdays with limited hours on Saturday. This market is also closed on Sundays. Local Businesses Local businesses offer shopping excursions for tourists.

An adventurous person coming into Takoradi can strike up a conversion with a cab driver who can drive to hidden shopping jewels around the city. These shops are not the traditional tourist’s destinations and offer special souvenirs to the consumer at lower prices. Considered a safe city, the visitor should still pay attention to the advice given to them by local guides. When shopping, the consumer should be mindful about currency in Ghana.

The local domination is the Cedi but American dollars are the preferred currency among shopkeepers. However, one thing to keep in mind is that older American bills and larger bills like $20 or $50 are questioned by the merchants.

While Takoradi is considered a modern city ,the bazaars may not have the credit cards terminals necessary for a purchase. Traveller’s cheques are also accepted by most merchants. Happy Shopping!